My Home (Bilingual Picture Book)

Author(s): Cheng Pei Yee, Rayne Ngoi
Illustrator(s):  Wang Lu Bo

Check out Singapore’s only locally-produced picture book with lift-the-flap games! Jason wants somebody to play with him but everyone he asks is just too busy! What will he do? Accompanied by his faithful dog, Blackie, Jason investigates every room in his HDB flat to find a playmate. Go on an adventure with Jason and Blackie in order to find out what happens next!


My Home is the first bilingual picture book which includes local content and lift-the-flaps games. All the content is presented in a pleasing bilingual format in both English and Mandarin Chinese and includes Hanyu Pinyin as a complementary reading aid. Set in a HDB flat, the story will depict everyday family life in Singapore with comical flair.

The accompanying activity book for My Home includes games, handicrafts and vocabulary exercises to help children to increase their mastery of both languages.


The cute and colourful pictures helped to keep Noah interested in the book, while the lift-the-flaps kept him engaged. He would spend some time looking at the page after I’ve finished reading it, and even sat quietly to flip through the entire book on his own after I read it once to him. That’s how I knew he really liked the book! That, and his repeated requests for me to “read it again”, of course.
My 5 year old quickly read the Chinese words to the best of his ability, sometimes looking at the hanyu pinyin for guidance. And of course the English words are simpler to him. So his 3 year old sister sat beside him and listened as he read both the Chinese and English. She was very attracted by the colourful illustrations and funny storyline. And the lift the flap feature will good to attract younger kids of ages 2 to 4.
We learned how to name items and places in both English and Chinese while enjoying the story (written like a poem) with vivid illustrations that were oh-so-very engaging. Ben particularly enjoyed lifting the many little flaps in this 40-page book which is beautifully illustrated. My son too!
A unique feature of My Home is that it is written in Singapore content. In the books, kids {and adults!} will find many items and places that they can associate with in their daily lives in this country. ... A great book to snuggle up to in bed, we usually spend about 30mins to go through all 40 beautifully-illustrated pages.


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S$ 19.90


Pages: 44
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
Language: Bilingual (Chinese and English)
ISBN: 978-981-07-6808-9


Lift-the-flap games
Hanyu Pinyin
Local content