Kuafu Chases the Sun

Author(s): Rayne Ngoi
Illustrator(s): Wang Lu Bo

In the northern wilderness, lives a hero named Kuafu, known throughout the land for his noble heart and prodigious strength.

When the sun remains obstinately in the sky day after day, the animals of the forest beseech Kuafu for help. Thus, he begins to chase after the sun, tracking its arc across the sky towards the west where its home must surely lie.


A new interpretation of this famous Chinese classic is brought to life through vivid and captivating illustrations. The tale was adapted from the Classic of the Great Wilderness (North) which tells of the mighty Kuafu's ambition to seize the sun for himself and of the sad fate which befalls this proud figure ultimately.


Got the book and found this hardcover book to have a unique art style with dynamic and vivid illustrations which match the story perfectly. Adapted from the Classic of the Mountains and Seas, the main difference in this story is the role of the three-footed crow. Its inclusion strengthened the image of the protagonist, Kuafu, and added an additional layer of interest to the tale.

Kuafu, a larger-than-life character from ancient legend, has an extraordinary heroic appeal. Possessing many excellent qualities, such as kindness, courage, perseverance and willpower, he is worthy of emulation even by today's standards. The evil three-footed crow, having got its just deserts, teaches us of the strength that lies in righteousness. A classic legend, accompanied by the magnificent atmosphere of the illustrations, provides children with a different reading experience. This is a book we really like and would strongly recommend to all!

The book depicts Man's inability to fully understand natural phenomena in ancient times. Why does the sun set? It has simply slid into the skies on the other side of the world! Upon reaching this point in the book, it is likely that the young reader will raise questions of his own.

The large picture book uses an illustration style employing a slight exaggeration and bold use of colour. The character details are distinctive and provide children with a different visual experience. ... The last scene in the book is extremely beautiful. In this dynamic scene, endless fields, distant mountains, a little chirping bird in the foreground and animals luxuriating in the fresh greenery are depicted.

In this picture book, vivid descriptions transform a simple classic tale, turning Kuafu into a believeable character of flesh and blood and changing abstraction into realism. While reading this book, children will be captivated by the beauty of Chinese legends, and be inspired by the heroic appeal of Kuafu! ... The story is moving, and the the illustrations are imbued with the uniqueness of Chinese culture. The fine and smooth lines of the artwork, and the warmth of the imagery, will allow the reader to lose himself in the world of this book!

I like the story of Kuafu chasing the sun very much, and thus I took the time to understand both versions as contained in the Classic of the Mountains and Seas as well as Kuafu Chases the Sun. The former is a Pre-Qin dynasty classic split into the Classic of the Mountains as well as Classic of the Seas, and is the oldest geographical work rich in ancient legends.

In both interpretations of the Kuafu legend, Kuafu's spirit of persistence is obvious. ... Kuafu's courage, strength, willpower and nobility in sacrificing himself for the sake of his people shows how humans are able to overcome the trials of nature through pure determination and aspiration; on the flip side, it also illustrates a foolhardy over-estimation of one's skills.

Flipping open the book, we found that the content of this story and the dimly-remembered story in our childhood differ. Upon a closer inspection, we came to realise that the author had made substantive changes to the contents of the original Classic of the Mountains and Seas, adding more details and interest to the story, thereby increasing the readability of this book.

In this book, Kuafu, sporting the appearance of a caveman with his silver hair, muscular physique, and bounteous energy, takes the initiative and protects the weak: both excellent qualities for boys to attain.

On the title page of the book, there is one line: Dedicated to the young enthusiasts of the the ancient classics. To be honest, I'm thankful to the publisher which has published these wonderful myths and legends in picture book format, allowing these tales to be passed down to the next generation by cultivating a love of traditional culture and classic literature in children since young!

As an educator, whenever I read a children’s storybook, I can’t help but think of how the book can be used in English lessons! Occupational hazard, isn’t it?! :) And I can think of so many ways that this book can be used in my lessons. The language used is full of vivid descriptions and packed with action verbs. This is a great book to use to teach children composition writing. I can imagine students applying these sentence structures in their compositions.

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