The Two Homes Of Alice

Author(s): Christelle Vallat
Illustrator(s): Martina Peluso
Translator(s):  Rayne Ngoi

Alice’s parents have separated.The little girl tries to find a place to belong in this unfamiliar life. Must she divide her love between Papa and Mama? Little by little, Alice finds the answers to all her questions, and discovers that happiness may yet still exist in both her homes.

Theme: Separation, Insecurity, Coping


With its poetic expressiveness and charming illustrations, the Blue Sun series helps young children to understand and to learn to cope with difficulties. Each story focuses on a different subject such as grief, homelessness and separation, and treats these complex topics with finesse and sensitivity. The positive and affirming nature of these stories encourages children to overcome hidden insecurities and fears.

Titles in this Series
The Cardboard Man
The Taste of Happiness
The Two Homes of Alice


The melancholic and beautiful illustrations, accompanied by the poetic and moving words, affects one's emotions so profoundly, that one cannot help but be immersed in the book's portrayal of the honest and touching process of waiting. I hope that all children like Alice will also have their dreams realized, and that they, too, will know that happiness will come knocking as long as love is present!

It turns out that Alice has always been loved, and that there was no need to discriminate between the two. Perhaps taking a wider view of the subject and looking towards the future, one will realise that one's parents will always be present with love and support for their children, so that no emotional distance can be felt. ... Very few books discuss such family problems. To be honest, avoidance is not the means to finding a solution. Perhaps, with both hope and love in hand, all may continue as it were.

I hope that this book can bring children from broken families some encouragement and lessen their phobia of love after their parents' divorce, as well as help parents by teaching them what their children really need.

Oddly enough, the depressing colours on the spreads don't make one feel sad. Instead, they lend elegance to the book with their airy tones, and create a sense of peace.

What I like about this book is the way the stories are written. From the poetic tone of The Cardboard Man to the simplistic yet profound sentences of The Two Homes of Alice, the written words will bring a new dimension to the child's understanding of the English language. In addition, instead of cartoonish imagery, the artistic expression on the books are abstract and at times thought provoking. If you want to open up your child imagination, this series would be useful for the task.

They may be a little advanced but they sure stirred my heart a lot.  The books give us, as parents, a rare opportunity to share the deeper meaning behind each story with AJ. Circumstances like separation, loss of loved ones and homelessness are not common for us to even thought of bringing them up. But this series was certainly helpful for us to bring to him more awareness of such issues.

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Pages: 32
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 250 x 200 mm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-981-07-9323-4