The Wolf (Series)

Author(s): Orianne Lallemand
Illustrator(s): Éléonore Thuillier
Translator(s):  Rayne Ngoi

This series recounts the hilarious adventures of a grumpy but kind-hearted wolf as he lands himself in all sorts of sticky situations. A charming and adorable character who steals the hearts of children and adults alike!

Sold in over 20 countries and translated into 15 languages, this bestselling children’s book series is currently studied in more than 650 schools.


Book 1: The Wolf who wanted to change his colour
Wolf is in a bad mood! He’s really fed up with his boring black fur. So he is going to try out a new colour each day until he finds one he likes. Though it seemed like such a good idea at first, things seem to be getting from bad to worse! Will Wolf ever learn to accept himself as he is?
(Topic: Self-acceptance)

Book 2: The Wolf who loved himself too much
Wolf and his friends are going to take part in the Big Bad Wolf competition. To win the competition, Wolf is going to be nasty as possible! But what will happen to him when he finds himself in trouble and without a single friend to help him out?
(Topic: Humility)

Book 3: The Wolf who searched for a girlfriend
Everyone in the Faraway Forest is in love… Wolf is fed up with being alone! With the help of his well-meaning friends, Wolf learns to dress up, recite poetry and gather flowers. But will all these truly help him to find a girlfriend?
(Topic: Love)

Book 4: The Wolf who did not want to walk anymore
Wolf has had quite enough of walking. He decides to try riding a bicycle, driving a car, and even flying in an aeroplane, but they are all simply too awful. Poor Wolf is going to find out that walking does have its advantages!
(Topic: Months, Vehicles)

Book 5: The Wolf who wanted to be an artist
Wolf is passionate about the arts! But does Wolf really have talent in painting, sculpting and acting? If he only knew that he had the soul of a rock star instead, he’d soon be famous! However, Wolf is going to find out that celebrity is not for everyone…
(Topic: Occupations, Arts)


Over 900,000 copies of Wolf books have been sold in France and across the rest of the world! The French title of The Wolf who wanted to change his colour remained in the top 100 bestselling children’s book list on Amazon for 672 days.

The books are written in a lighthearted manner with wits and puns that adults will appreciate. The childlike humor in the Wolf's adventures will delight the intended audience. ... The Wolf series are a good read for lower primary students. With the colourful illustrations, it makes a great storytelling book to preschool kids too!
It has happened before, but only to books he is very interested in. It got me curious to find out why those 5 books intrigued him. I got a chance to read through those 5 books after the boy called it a day. I hate to admit but I did what he did: read through the 5 books in one seating.

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Titles: 5
Pages: 32
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 210 x 210 mm
Language: English

(The Wolf who wanted to change his colour)

(The Wolf who loved himself too much)

(The Wolf who searched for a girlfriend)

(The Wolf who did not want to walk anymore)

(The Wolf who wanted to be an artist)