Creepy Camp (Estimation)

Author(s): Baek Mi Sook
Illustrator(s): Kang San
Translator(s):  David Lukens

The students of Monster Kindergarten are having their annual camp at Ghastly Gorge. However, a violent storm occurs suddenly and the entire area is soon flooded. A little girl’s family is trapped and have no way to get to safety… Can these spooky but kind-hearted students help them out?

Topic: Estimation


In the Creepy Mathematics series, a spooky group of children encounter a host of problems. Flappy the vampire is unable to understand why his coffins are always the wrong size. The little spectre, Breezy, does not know why she cannot seem to make the see-saw move downwards. These humorous and engaging tales will make young readers eager to learn more about Mathematics through the exploits of their spooky friends.

In the process of studying Mathematics, the understanding of basic principles and concepts is often the most challenging step for students to take. The Creepy Mathematics series, newly imported from Korea, was created by specialists in childhood education. The series presents mathematical concepts in lively and amusing ways which would tickle children’s fancies even as they learn.

Titles in this Series
Book 1 (Length): New Coffins for a Growing Vampire!
Book 2 (Volume): The Magic Juice
Book 3 (Area): Vampire Vegetables
Book 4 (Weight): A Spectre at the See-Saw
Book 5 (Estimation): Creepy Camp


About the Author
Baek Mi Sook graduated from the Korean Language and Literature Department at Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea and in 1994, won an award at Seoul Shinmun's annual spring literary contest for her children's stories.

She also wrote The Tree that Became a Forest, My Friend is Coming and The Potato's Promise, and compiled the anthology, Stories of Love for Baby in the Womb.

About the Illustrator
Kang San is active in a variety of fields. Not only does he illustrate children’s books, he also does the artwork for comics and animated works as well. Despite using a computer to complete the illustrations for the stories in the Creepy Mathematics series, he was able to maintain a light and natural feel to the watercolour illustrations.

He has worked on animated productions, such as Utility Fighter and Kinu Story, and has illustrated books which include Learning English on a Trip to Europe and Sorry, Chickens.

We love that these 5 books present mathematical concepts in a funny but engaging way. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging though nothing creepy as the series title suggests.

There is also a section at the back that summarizes the story and teaches parents how to replicate the story into real-life hands-on fun. It’s no secret that kids appreciate concepts better if they are able to touch & feel for themselves.  And it’s great to know that we need no fanciful manipulative to replicate the lesson at home!

When the term "creepy" is used alongside "mathematics", everyone who hears it must be picturing some truly horrifying Maths problems. They would never imagine that it is in fact the learning process of Mathematics that is being discussed! It's really extraordinary how these books can be created through a marvelllous melding of these two words.' 'The entire series combines Maths topics with a lively language and storyline to appeal to children. In this way, children are able to grasp the concepts and rationale behind mathematics easily!

Through the combination of text and imagery in this picture book, an interest and liking of mathematics can be cultivated in children. Because mathematics is not a dry subject, but one which has a certain magic about it. Hence, when my child had finished reading this book, he reflected sombrely, "Learning Maths is really useful." Ha, indeed it is!

This book approaches mathematics in a fun and enjoyable way. It leads children through this scene, it lets them view its fictional world through the eyes of its characters, all while solving problems.

The book also gives parents the chance to let children know more about metric measurements and through a series of games, find out how to employ such knowledge in their lives. I guess this is the unique charm of Mathematics! Let us take this chance to learn mathematics with our children!

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Pages: 40
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 250 x 245 mm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-981-09-0837-9