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Blue Sun

And for the first time in my life, I really looked at him.
... I saw that he had grey hair, full of dust and sorrow
and I smiled at him as if to say 'it doesn't matter'.
- 'The Cardboard Man'

With its poetic expressiveness and charming illustrations, the series helps young children to overcome difficulties. The topics are treated with finesse and sensitivity, bringing a sense of positive affirmation to those who hold such insecurities and fears.

In The Cardboard Man, a little boy does not understand why he feels ashamed and shy each time he passes a homeless man.

In The Taste of Happiness, the feisty child protagonist, puzzled over his mother's apparent sadness, is determined to find and retrieve her lost smiles.

In The Two Homes of Alice, a little girl whose parents don't love each other anymore, believes that happiness has departed from her home, but she soon learns otherwise.