Blue Sun (Review 4)

The Cardboard Man:
Caring for Others

'The artwork is very dark. Two people's eyes reflect their internal thoughts: one wishing to reach out to others and the other afraid of interaction. One is a grown man and the other is a little boy. They recognise each other but they don't speak. Instead they lead their separate lives.'

'The cardboard man hides himself behind the cardboard, afraid of being hurt. The little boy, however, reaches out to him. Though he was afraid at first, only daring to observe from afar, the boy's kindness slowly warms the heart of the homeless man as the child gains the strength to turn his desire to help into concrete action.

The greyness of the artwork, through the concerned perspective of a child, reinterprets the world where the other half lives. Their ordeals and emotions let children learn how to care for the weak, and know that it is those whom goes unnoticed who most require our love. In this way, there is hope that the grey of our world will dissipate, leaving behind only light and colour in the hearts of our children.'

Obedient Kitty 123
The Cardboard Man: Caring for Others