Creepy Mathematics (Review 3)

New Coffins for a Growing Vampire!
(Book Review)

'From the different lengths of each person's pace, children are able to know more about different lengths, and understand that the length measurements of this and that may differ. There is only one measurement of length included in the book - a pace - and no practical standard unit of measurement. This can only let children gain a relative understanding of the topic. If the child wants to know more, parents can tell them about the actual standards, such as a metre, centimetre or a millimetre.

My son is in Primary 3 and this book is a little easy for him, but the art and storyline are still very attractive to him. Personally, I find that this book is more suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 6. The quality of the book however, is extremely good, and the book can be considered top-class in this aspect.'

Mu En Ze
New Coffins for a Growing Vampire! (Book Review)