Creepy Mathematics (Review 2)

'The mysterious vampire is an attention-grabbing subject, and this holds true for children as well. The more frightened they are, the more they are unable to control their curiosity and desire to find out more about it in stories.'

'At the end, the carpenter and Flappy both understand where the problem lay. The carpenter used his own paces to measure Flappy's height in order to make the coffin correctly at last. When Flappy learnt this new piece of knowledge, he felt that he was indeed quite grown-up, and from then, was no longer afraid of the dreaded spiders. The last section of the book guides parents in helping their child find out more about the maths concept "length". I believe that after reading this book, children will have a greater understanding of the topic!'

Changxue Changwan
New Coffins for a Growing Vampire!