How Long is Eternity?
(Review 5)

A Special Kind of Book

'This is not an ordinary book. This accordion book is read as a long scroll, in two different directions. The art is continuous as well. To read this story, one begins to read the story from left to right, until the last page of the book, before rotating the book 180 degrees and reading from left to right again until the very first page.'

'The Bird of Time's experience is comparable to our life and experience. People are certain to chase their dreams, but this journey may not always be a smooth one. Just like how the bird passes through the thunder and lightning, the violent winds and heavy rains, we too in our lives will experience many difficulties and obstacles in our path. However, we cannnot give up halfway, and should instead persist until we are able to see the light of the future that awaits us.'

'When the book is fully extended, it reaches over 2 metres in length. Unless we observe very carefully, we are unable to see where the pages are joined. The art and the text are cohesive. The production of this book is exquisite.'

Ting Yu Xuan
A Special Kind of Book