The Wolf (Review 5)

Book Review and Giveaway
'We can follow Wolf on his adventures and find out which month and mode of transportation go together. This trains the children's word recognition skills. A Chinese-English vocabulary matching game may be played as well. We created a document which may be downloaded: mothers may elect to print and study these vocabulary words and pictures at home with their children.

I cut out all the vocabulary words in the document, mixed up the sequence, and let the children arrange them in accordance to the storyline, from January to December. Later, I gave the children the pictures and let them match the images to the Chinese and English vocabulary words. After they were familiar with them, I kept the English words, then let them match the Chinese words to the pictures. Finally, I let them play a little memory game. Whomever opened two of the same picture would win that round.'

SAys! Happy Mums
The Wolf Series: Book Review + Giveaway