My Home (Review 14)

'The characters inside the book are very cute. The book itself is bilingual, with a Hanyu Pinyin accompaniment, and the text is very easy to comprehend. This interesting book functions as an easy introduction to the English language for beginner readers in China, as well as a Chinese book for children in Singapore.'

'Accompanying the picture book is an activity book which includes fun stickers, interesting games and exercises. Children can use stickers to create a family tree as well as to design their own bedroom. These various interesting exericses allow one to learn vocabulary better. Also, the children's favourite, a maze game is also included. While playing, children pick up knowledge along the way. The activity book also includes interactive games so that parents may play with their children, study together with them, and strengthen their bond as parent and child.'

The Bamboo's Shadow Under the Moon
Starting An Adventure with Lift-The-Flap Games