My Home (Review 13)

The joy of large families

'In this book, the Chinese and English text go hand-in-hand. At the top, Chinese is written, while at the bottom, English is used. Important terms are also written in eye-catching red font as standalone markers. In this way, the Chinese and English texts are able to match each other well. The vocabulary terms which this book introduces are the names of some items found in everyday life. In this manner, without expanding much effort, vocabulary is easily retained. At the top of each Chinese line is a Hanyu Pinyin reading guide. This book is extremely detailed.

What is most worthy of mention is the heavily emphasised line: 'Won't you come and play with me?' This line appears the most often. When I was reading this book to my child, she chanted that line along with me. Perhaps children in her age range are simply fond of repetition. Through these repetitive phrases and the interesting story, children may come to love English or simply become interested in picking up the language.'

Xiao Chun Ti De Ma
The Joy of Large Families