My Home (Review 11)

A superior product of elegant appearance

'I was exceedingly taken aback when I first received my copy of My Home. This book is truly a superior product of excellent quality and elegant appearance. It is the most detailed and touching book which I've read in a long while. The design of the book is wonderful. I've never seen a book with such a fine design before. Every page of the book conceals a secret, thereby providing children with a sense of revelation as they flip through the book, and increasing their thirst for discovery.'

'It is also the first time that I've read a book with this amount of content. Every flap in the book conceals a surprise and the art details are drawn with great care. In this book, one not only picks up general knowledge, but also learns Hanyu Pinyin. The most important feature of this book is its hidden surprises which leads one on a continuous search, augmenting the reader's urge to continue browsing through the book. Good books should always be read again and again!'

Little Treasure's Blissful Life
My Home: A Superior Product of Elegant Appearance