My Home (Review 9)

Mine, Yours, Everyone's House

'This is a book with lift-the-flap games. I had bought similar books for my child in the past, and he has never had any trouble with finding the flaps. However, educational books with lift-the-flap games often simply provide a list of factual information in lieu of a storyline. This practical book, however, is superior to all of those books!'

'This book is really exquisitely made. The thickness of the hardback covers is greatly appreciated. The striking colours are especially alluring. The quality of the pages is even better as they are made from  a thick card stock. With the weight of quality paper, the intricacy of the artwork and the engaging storyline in this book, it's no wonder that the my child can't bear to be parted from it!

Wishes Come True
My Home: Mine, Yours, Everyone's House