Kuafu Chases the Sun
(Review 5)

A Classic Chinese Legend

'Got the book and found this hardcover book to have a unique art style with dynamic and strong illustrations, matching the story perfectly. Adapted from The Classic of the Mountains and Seas, the main difference in this story is the role of the three-footed crow, which strengthened the image of the character, Kuafu, and added an additional layer of interest to the tale.

Kuafu, a surreal legendary character, has an extraordinary heroic appeal. Possessing many excellent qualities, such as kindness, courage, perseverance and willpower, he is worthy of emulation even by today's standards. The evil three-footed crow, having got its just deserts, teaches us the strength that lies in righteousness. A classic legend, accompanied by the magnificent atmosphere of the illustrations, provides children with a different reading experience. This is a book we really like and would strongly recommend to all!'

The Happy Sisters
A Classic Chinese Legend