My Home (Review 7)

A heartwarming family and a bilingual picture book
'This book is not only bilingual, but also has Hanyu Pinyin indicated alongside its Chinese text, making it absolutely suitable for children who have just begun to recognise characters and learn pronunciation. It is also helpful for parents in improving their own pronunciation.

A great deal of effort must have gone into writing this book. Aside from the English translation which fits each scene well, the Chinese text is written in a lyrical format adored by children, thereby allowing them to enjoy the flow of the words and poetic style, white learning to recite along. As I am weak in English, I would hope to have an audio track reciting the English text.'

'The best part about this book is the lift-the-flap games. Each small flap unveils many small surprises. This is exactly how children love to play and learn. Learning while having fun? This book manages to do just that!'

My Home: A Heartwarming Family and a Bilingual Picture Book