About us

Wild Crane Press is a publishing house in Singapore that focuses on the publication of English, Chinese and bilingual books intended for both local and international distribution. As a company based in cosmopolitan Singapore, it publishes books rich in local content as well as bestselling international works to engage with and to inspire a young readership.

For young preschool readers from the ages of 2 to 6, the high-quality picture books with their humorous and whimsical designs will serve to amuse and captivate them by turns. Children from the ages of 7 to 9 will relish the longer illustrated stories with their imaginative plots and artwork. Older children from the ages of 10 to 12, on the other hand, will enjoy choosing their favourite reads from the children’s literature collection.

As part of its aim to educate and to instil in children a love of good books, Wild Crane Press works with overseas companies in order to translate and adapt the best foreign children’s literature to the local context in order to make it easier for young readers to relate to them. Since 2013, it has worked with large publishers from France and Korea in order to adapt and publish internationally bestselling children’s books locally. By fostering a spirit of cooperation between Singapore and both Eastern and Western countries, Wild Crane Press is prepared to lay the foundations for a steady introduction of Singapore literature into foreign countries.

Wild Crane Press is supportive of local writers and artists. Annual picture book competitions organised by the company serve to inspire all local writers and artists to engage with the arts from a young age, thereby encouraging the development of a literary culture here in Singapore.

It is a proud member of the Singapore Book Publishers Association and the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.