'Sensitive issues like parents' separation/divorce, loss of loved ones, fall in one's financial status, etc. are often not properly dealt with at child-level because the adults are too busy handling the grief or mending the broken pieces.

(...) The books are able to help children to confront the fears which they may not have dared to mention to others.'

'The Blue Sun series handled sensitive and complex issues and because of this, I strongly recommend that parents read the books with their children.  By doing so, it will give the parents the opportunities to discuss difficulties in life and how one may handle such situations.  Though all the stories ended with positive affirmation, much in-depth discussion on the flip side of the coin needs to be present (in my opinion).  The books bring a different perspective of life to the children, which I think is important. Life is not a bed of roses, our children must be aware of that.'

My Lil Bookworm
(Book Review) Of Separation, Coping with Loss and Homelessness