How Long is Eternity?
(Review 7)

'How Long is Eternity is a clever little book. Remember I said that the book because even if the child is too young to comprehend the plot, there are other ways that eternity can be explained using the book. Remember I said that the book is extremely long when you open it up fully? Yeah, so eternity can be explained as something that really goes on and on, though technically, without end.

Also, the book doesn't quite read normally as others - it has a unique four-direction text presentation. You have to keep turning the book either 90° or 180° to read the text or look at the pictures. The fact that you have to keep rotating the book during the reading experience and how the book actually can also be opened up into a complete circle also reinforces the neverending nature of eternity.'

Simply Mommie
How Long is Eternity: Review and Giveaway