How Long is Eternity?
(Review 6)

Feel with your heart

'Using words and pictures to express the concept of eternity seems like an impossibly challenging task. However, this impossible task was actually able to be realized beautifully!'

'The accordion book design is such that when the entire book is extended, a complete image will be formed. Just like the cycle of life, the Bird of Time makes its journey from one end of the world towards the peak, experiencing difficulties along the way, in a creative and free-spirited journey.

The charming artistry of the book communicates to the reader the nature of a cyclical and closely-integrated journey in order to show the meaning of eternity. Whether from the words or the illustrations, children are able to gain a new understanding towards the concept of eternity. They will understand too, that words may not be necessary, and that pictures alone may be able to bring out a theme perfectly. To me, this is the most rewarding aspect of the book.'

Andy's Mum
Feel with your heart