The Wolf (Review 17)

'Looking at the book cover, the little fellow was thrilled and started shouting, "Mum, I like this book! Look, it has hot air balloons and aeroplanes and cars and skis! I want to read it."

The book is easy to understand. The little Wolf is the main character and in the span of a year, from January to December, he tries out a different type of transportation. But due to various reasons, he gave up all of them. When December came around, Santa Claus wanted to give Wolf a lift home in his sleigh, but Wolf didn't wish to accept. From his usual abhorrence of walking, Wolf came to yearn to walk with his own feet, feeling that walking was indeed a sensible and practical means of getting around.' 

Youyou Jinyu
The Wolf who Did Not Want to Walk Anymore: Loving To Walk