The Wolf (Review 14)

The Wolf who searched for a girlfriend:
Learning how to interact with others

'A heartwarming and interesting tale. Wolf looks for a girlfriend, and through his own willpower, manages to make his dream come true. Wolf is a good model for children. All the things which he hears and all the funny incidents which happen to him are subtle influences on our children. Through the story, important messages and lessons on how to treat others are imparted to children.

The positive energy created by meaningful actions let children appreciate the success and joy of Wolf even more. Hence, when these readers encounter something new in future, they would know not to be afraid and not to give up easily. Instead, they will understand that they should consider other people's advice, while putting in their own hard work and taking the initiative of course, in order for success to be attained.'

Obedient Kitty 123
The Wolf who Searched for a Girlfriend: Learning How To Interact With Others