My Home (Bilingual Activity Book)

Author(s): Cheng Pei Yee, Rayne Ngoi
Illustrator(s):  Wang Lu Bo

This bilingual activity book complements the picture book, My Home, and aids the learning of children between the ages of 2 to 6. Set in the Singaporean context, the familiar environments depicted in the book help children to learn new vocabulary terms with ease. In this way, children are encouraged to read and write in both English and Chinese with ease.

Contents include vocabulary exercises, DIY handicrafts, flash cards, stickers and games.


In the My Home book set, local content is presented in a pleasing bilingual format in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Hanyu Pinyin is also included as a complementary reading aid to help children to pronounce Chinese words clearly. Set in a Singaporean flat, everyday family life as well as common neighbourhood settings are depicted with comical flair.

The accompanying activity book for My Home includes games, handicrafts and vocabulary exercises to help children to increase their mastery of both languages.


What I love what the pages showing the different sections in the home and the key items found in that section. It has both Chinese and English which was perfect for my girl who has started to show more interest in the Chinese language of late.
The ‘My Home’ Activity Book is supposed to be suitable for children aged two to six, but personally, I feel that children aged four and above will probably be better able to appreciate it. They can improve their vocabulary through the fun exercises and games in the activity book, which has stickers, DIY activities and revision exercises based on the contents of the picture book.
This book-set is such a wonderful resource for keeps, and I would definitely introduce both the picture and activity books to the younger ones as soon as they are ready.
This bilingual activity book, also fully coloured, complements the picture book "My Home", and is written to cater to the learning of 2 to 6 years olds. ... I'd probably laminate the flash cards and writing exercises in the book, so that they will last longer and we can use them repeatedly.


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S$ 9.90


Pages: 40
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
Language: Bilingual (Chinese and English)
ISBN: 978-981-07-6809-6


Hanyu Pinyin
Local Content
Vocabulary Exercises
DIY Handicrafts
Flash Cards
Sticker Sheets
Revision Games